ACPI Special Seminar Series 2023-2024

ACPI special Seminar/Webinar Series 2023-2024

In Honour of Founding Member-President of ACPI

Prof. Richard De Smet, SJ (1916-1997)


ACPI from its conception in 1975, started as a humble venture has been continuing its journey as a movement of philosophizing with a difference as Indian Christians, giving a momentum to the research potential of the growing community of philosophers in India. The little ‘spark’ of founding members has been kindled into a bright ‘flame’ of a philosophical movement with academic rigour and standard research on relevant themes during 45 annual seminars and some special symposia. With the publication of 21 books in annual series, 4 books in special series, and ACPI Encyclopedia of Philosophy in 2 Volumes, the ACPI gradually occupied a place in the academic map of India. Committed to its specific way of Indian Christian Philosophizing, the ACPI has the potential to explore the ‘unexplored’ realms of socio-philosophical relevance.

Prof. Richard Vital De Smet, SJ (1916-1997), Beligum-born who made India his home, founding member-president of ACPI (1975 up to 1994), inspiring scholar and teacher of Indian Philosophy for about half a century, has contributed to a special way of thinking and acting. As he was both Thomist and Sankarite, his commitment to philosophizing from double rootedness of being classical Indologist with preference to Advaita Vedānta and of being scholastic Christian philosopher, has in a unique way demonstrated to us, the Indian Christian Philosophers, through his life and work, a method and a way forward to philosophize with our two-fold identity of Indian Christians. Through his untiring commitment to Indian Christian Philosophizing, Richard De Smet has been recognized as the deepest and most erudite interpreter of Indian thought from within a traditional Advaitic and Christian metaphysical framework.

Proposal for special series of webinars/seminars in different institutes of Philosophy across India comprises of presentation of some research papers on the study of ‘Richard De Smetian’ way, and others as reflective papers on Indian Christian Philosophizing, taking clue from Richard, and moving ahead in our present context; In this way, ACPI wishes to honour its founding member-president, in his twenty-fifth death anniversary, not only making familiar Richard’s contribution to Indian Christian commitment to philosophy, but also enabling our philosophizing as Indian Christian

Invitation to Inaugural Webinar through ZOOM


Thinking Along With and Ahead

Richard De Smet

Date:               27th Feb, 2023                                                                                Time:             17h30 – 19h30 (IST)

Inaugural Address: “Birth and Initial Growth of ACPI – Role of Richard De Smet: A Historical and Reflective Look”                                                                                                                              - Dr.Johnson Puthenpurackal, OFM Cap

Paper 1:“Studies on Richard De Smet: Contribution and Relevance to Indian Christian Philosophizing”Dr. Ivo Coelho, SDB

Paper 2: “ACPI Socio-Critical School of Thought: Trajectories of Thinking in Context”Dr. Keith D’Souza, SJ


Paper 3: Thomistic Metaphysics of Personhood: De Smet’s Interpretation with Advaitic Perspective”  - Dr. Scott Randall Paine (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

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