Dr. John Peter Vallabadoss OFM Cap

John Peter Vallabadoss OFM Cap 
Name: Vallabadoss John Peter
Contact Details:
Presently as Rector, 
Udhayam Polytechnic College,
Thenkuda, Ariyankundu PO,
Rameswaram - 623529
Mobile: 09698224321
Institution affiliation:
St. Joseph’s Philosophical College,
The Friary, Kotagiri,
Nilgiris – 643 217, T.N.
04266 271781
>    born 23rd June, 1972, S/0 R. Vallabadoss and A. Rosally.
>    He has the following educational qualification:
B.A. History, Madurai Kamarajar University, 1993-96
M.A. Indian Philosophy, University of Madras, 2004-06 (with First Class Outstanding, 82.14%)
M.Phil. Philosophy, Annamalai University, 2006-07 (with First Class, 62.5%)
Ph.D in philosophy, University of Madras (submitted the thesis in Dec, 2010, waiting for the VIVA-VOCE)
>    He has the professional experience of 11 years teaching philosophy.
 >    He has taught several subjects at St. Joseph’s Philosophical College, Kotagiri: Positivism, Marxism, Medieval Western Philosophy, Philosophy of World and Science, Ancient Indian Philosophy
Vedic Philosophy, Ancient Eastern Philosophy, Classical Indian Systems, Indian Religions, Bhakti Movements, Contemporary Indian Philosophy.
>    He has also been a Visiting Professor of Philosophy to several other Institutes teaching Indian and Western Philosophical subjects. Following are the Seminaries where he is a Visiting Staff:
a.       Sacred Heart Seminary, Ponnamallee, Chennai ( Philosophy of Science)
b.      Joti Sadan Scholasticate, Koramangala, Bangalore (Ancient Eastern Philosophy, Contemporary Indian Philosophy)
c.       St. Antony’s Franciscan College, Friary, Bangalore (Bhakti Movements)
d.      Vidya Deep College, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore (Vedic Philosophy, Contemporary Indian Philosophy)
He has also been a Guest lecturer for two courses at Department of Philosophy, Arulanandar College, Karumatur, Madurai. (Renewal Movements, History of Christianity in India) and for part of a course at Department of Philosophy, Loyola College, Chennai (Saiva Siddhanta)
Ø He has been a Consultant in Philosophy, CBCI-Chair, SOSW, G-Block, Academic Complex, IGNOU, Maidangarhi, New Delhi – 110 068, from June 2010 to June 2011, developing the curriculum for MA philosophy.
> Presently, he is the Programme Director, Conference of Religious in India, CRI House, Masihgarh, New Friends Colony PO, Okhla, New Delhi – 110 025. 01126923911
>   He has authored a book and edited one. The Titles are: Openness to the Other (ed) (2008), Methodology for Scientific Papers (2009)
·         He has edited Eighteen IGNOU text books on MA philosophy
·         He has coordinated the production of seven Video Programmes on Philosophy for GYAN Dharsan TV channel and
·         He has coordinated three LIVE-telecast of Panel Discussion on philosophy (45 minutes each) on 29th Oct, 2010 in Gyan Dharsan TV
>    He has conducted several seminars
Organized One day symposium on “Inter-Culturality and Philosophy Today,” (Kotagiri: St. Joseph’s Capuchin Philosophical College, 6 June, 2007).
Conducted Three-day National Seminar in collaboration with CICT (Central Institute of Classical Tamil, under Union Ministry of Human Resource, New Delhi) on “Philosophical Insights in Classical Tamil Tradition,” (Kotagiri: St. Joseph’s Capuchin Philosophical College, 25-27 March, 2009). 
Organized One day symposium on “Nilgiri Tribal World-View: A Philosophical Appraisal,” (Kotagiri: St. Joseph’s Capuchin Philosophical College, 21 July, 2009).
Organized Four-day Annual Meeting of Association of Christian Philosophers of India, Symposium on “Violence and Its Victims: A Challenge to Philosophizing in Indian Context,” (Dindigul: Anugraha Capuchin Animation Center, 19-22 Oct., 2009).
Organized one day ICPR (Indian Council of Philosophical Research, under Union Ministry of Human Resource, New Delhi) Periodical Lectures on “Hermeneutics” (Kotagiri: St. Joseph’s Philosophical College, 28th March, 2010)
Organized one day ICPR National Symbolism on “Tradition-Innovation Dynamics” (Faridabad: Carmel Vidya Niketan College, 25th Oct, 2010)
Organized two day National Seminar on “Philosophy and Distance Learning” (New Delhi: CBCI-Chair, IGNOU, 28-29 Oct, 2010)
>       He has published about 13 research Papers / articles in national and international Journals. The following are his philosophical articles / papers:
1.      V. John Peter. “Rise of Hindutva Movement: A Challenge to the Church in India.” Vidyankur: Journal of Philosophical and Theological Reflection. Vol. 1. Mar 1999. Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune. 6-20.
2.      Vallabadoss John Peter. “Anekantavada of Jainism: A Philosophical Orientation to Pluralism.” Pluralism of Pluralism. ed. Johnson Puthenpurckal. Bangalore: Asian Tradition Corporation, 2006. 89-102.
3.      Vallabadoss John Peter. “‘God-Talk’ of South Indian Siddha Tradition.” Aivu Kovai. Madurai: Madurai Kamaraj University, 2006.  115-118.
4.      Vallabadoss John Peter. “The Religion of the Siddhas in South Indian.” Romancing the Sacred?:Towards an Indian Christian Philosophy of Religion. ed. George Karuvelil. Bangalore: Asian Trading Corporation, 2007. 355-372.
5.      Vallabadoss John Peter, “Tamil Siddha Tradition: A Radical Socio-Religious Protest Movement,” in Satya Nilayam: Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy, No. 13, Feb, 2008, 1-11.
6.      Vallabadoss John Peter,Eco-Justice: Insights from Tirumandiram,” Samaya Illakkiyangalil Samuga Prachannaigalum Samuga Nalinakkamum (Social Problems and Social Integration), A. Nirmala, Et.al. Madurai: Interreligious Scholars Forum, 2008.  212-218.
7.      V. John Peter, “Cultural Monism: Its Challenges and Our Response,” in Culture as Gift and Task. Ed. Keith D’Souza. Bangalore: Asian Trading Corporation, 2008. 323-333.
8.      V. John Peter, “Spiritual Outlook of Nilgiri Tribes,” in Enigma of Tribal Life and Culture, ed. Vincent Aind. Bangalore: Asian Trading Corporation, 2009. 269-290.
9.      Vallabadoss John Peter, “Combating Global Suicide-Bombers: Globalization and Eco-Crisis,” in Social Philosophy for Realization of Globalization, Multiculturalism and International Order, ed. Sam Christopher. Kuppam: Dravidian University, 2009. 195-204.
10. Vallabadoss John Peter, “Subaltern Consciousness: Contribution of Iyothee Thass,” Jnanodaya, June 2010.
11. Vallabadoss John Peter, “Towards Organic Whole: Process Thought and Siddha Cult” in Tattva Journal of Philosophy, June 2010.
12. V. John Peter, “Reality as Dynamic: Reconstructing PurusasuktaSatanilayam Journal of Intercultural Philosophy, June 2011.
13. John Peter Vallabadoss, "Tradition-Innovation Dynamics in Hinduism." in Tradtion and Innovation: Philosophy of Rootedness and Openness. Ed. Saju Chackalackal. Bangalore: ATC, 2011. 307-328.
>    He has contributed in the IGNOU B.A. Philosophy syllabus by writing some units.  Following are the units."Katha Upanisad" "Mundaka Upanisad," "Mandukya Upanisad," "Prasna Upanisad," "Śaivism and Vaishnavism
in IGNOU M.A. Philosophy,  Units on “Introduction to Epics, Puranas and Bhagavat Gita” “Ethics in the History of Indian Philosophy”  “pramanas –II” “Dalit Aesthetic Outlook,” “Ancient Dalit Philosophers” “Medieval Dalit Philosophers” “Major Issues of Western Philosophy,” “Hegel,” “Masters of Suspicion,” and Course on “Dissertation.”
>  He has learnt Greek, Hebrew, English, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit
>  He was the Dean of St. Joseph’s Capuchin Philosophical College, Kotagiri 2007-2010.
>  He is presently Consultant in Philosophy at CBCI-Chair, IGNOU, New Delhi.
>  He is presently also the Treasurer of Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI).
>  He is the Administrative Editor of the Encyclopaedia of ACPI.
>    He has participated in National and International Conferences, also presented Papers at some of them. The following are the papers presented in Seminars/conferences;
“Concept of the World in Saiva Siddhanta,” Indian Philosophical Congress, North Bengal University, Siluguri, 2005.
“Spirit-Matter Continuum in Tolkapiyyam,’ Indian Council of Philosophical Research National Seminar on ‘Reunderstanding Indian Philosophy and Heritage,’ Department of Philosophy, Vivekananda College, Chennai, Mar, 2005.
“Tamil Cultural and Linguistic Identity: Role of Dravidian Movements” National Seminar on ‘Culture, Language and Social Identities,’  Department of Philosophy, University of Madras, 2006.
“Why And How of Indigenous Philosophizing: Insights from Tolkappiyam,” National Consultation of Philosophers on ‘Indigenous Philosophizing,’ Dharmaram Vidya Kshektram, Bangalore, June 2006.
“Mono-Culturalism: Designs of Hindutva” Guest Lecture, Department of Philosophy, Arulanandar College, Karumatur, Madurai, Jan, 2008.
“Emergence of Subaltern Consciousness: Contribution of Iyothee Thass,” in ICPR National Seminar on “Consciousness as Embodied and/or Contested Reality: An inquiry into the Indian and European Philosophical Traditions,” Madurai: Dept of Philosophy, Arul Anandar College, Madurai, 1-2 Sep, 2008.
“Human-Nature Relationship in Siddha Philosophy,” in Second World Conference, Chennai: Satyabama University, 26-28 Dec, 2008.
“Vision of Organic Whole:  Process Thought and Siddha Cult” in 7th International Whitehead Conference, Bangalore: Christ University, 5-9 Jan, 2009.
“Deconstructing Purusa Sukta: A Response” in Annual Seminar on  “Deconstructing Indian Reality” Chennai: Dept of Philosophy, Loyola College, 6th March, 2009.
“Ancient Indian Wisdom: Intellectual Roots in Tamil Tradition,” in National Seminar on “Philosophical Insights in Classical Tamil Tradition,” Kotagiri: St. Joseph’s Capuchin Philosophical College, 25-27March, 2009.
“World-View of Contemporary Indian Philosophers: A Social Perspective,” Seminar (Yercaud: Jnanodaya Salesian College, 17-19 Sept, 2009)